Summer Home Maintenance

The summer is all about taking time off, relaxing, and enjoying your days hanging out in the sunshine. But before you can do all of this, you’ll need to prepare your home and maintain it after the cold winter and rainy spring weather. Below are a few summer home maintenance tips you should do to have the best summer ever!

Clean your Gutters

It’s recommended to clean the gutter on your home twice a year. Not cleaning this out can lead to small yet costly leaks in your roof and can also ward off pests like insects. After the spring rain may be the best time to make sure the gutter is cleared and ready for any summer monsoons if you’re in the Southwest or heavy rain if you live in the Gulf.

Prepare the Grill

Get the grill ready for delicious food and backyard fun. Summer is all about taking time off and enjoying the warm days. The best way to do this is by grilling for the whole family! So, refill the propane tank, go to the store, and light up the grill for some amazing food. If you’re looking to grill and smoke your food this Traeger grill is perfect for you!

Inspect your A/C Unit

Ensure that your home stays cool and avoid letting the summer heat into your home. Have your air conditioning unit inspected by a licensed professional who will keep it running in tip-top shape! To help circulate the airflow in your home, flip your ceiling fan blades to a counterclockwise rotation. This will spread air around the living space more evenly, cooling the home better.

Contact Pest Control

Hire a local pest control company to spray your yard and living area and keep away those unwanted insects. Nothing ruins a BBQ faster than mosquitos, spiders, and ants inviting themselves to the party. Moving and taking care of your lawn will also prevent bugs like ticks. Speaking of which…

Maintain your Yard

Caring for your yard and maintaining it will not only make your home look stunning but will encourage you to spend more time outdoors in your nicely manicured yard. This also reduces the amount of bugs on your property and you!

Reseal and Wash Windows

Keep the cold air in and the hot air out. Resealing your windows will fill up and open the window and keep your home cool. This will also save you money on your energy bill each month, letting you turn the A/C down a little bit more during heat waves. You can also opt to install energy-efficient windows that do a better job of blocking the heat from coming in!

Power wash Exterior

Power washing the exterior of your home removes grime and dirt that have been building up. This will give your home a beautiful cosmetic touch-up and make it show-ready for guests to come over. Don’t forget to wash your back patio also so you have a clean surface for your ribs!

Treat the Pool

Cool down this summer and make sure your pool is properly treated and cared for. Avoid swimming in algae or putting too much chlorine in the water. Visit your local pool supplier for great tips and advice on how to get your pool ready!

We hope that these maintenance tips will have your home looking ready for the summer and all the BBQs and fun that come with it!


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