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Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, and the fall season is all about community and giving. This season of giving, give the gift of donations, and time to your community! Wondering how to get involved? Here is our list of top ways to give back this fall!

Donate Halloween Candy

Looking to brighten the lives of someone in your community? Consider donating Halloween candy! Halloween is a holiday for fun, but children in hospitals or shelters, or servicemembers abroad may miss out on all the joy of this wonderful holiday. Programs such as the Halloween Candy Buyback program, and Treats for Troops are just a few examples of the many organizations out there willing to take your candy and provide it to people who would appreciate it.

Serve Food at a Soup Kitchen

When you think of this time of year, one of the main things that comes to mind is the food, the warm and delicious comfort meals that we all love. Unfortunately, there are individuals out there that do not have this luxury. Consider volunteering at a soup kitchen, providing warm food for people in need.

Donate Warm Clothing

As temperatures drop, there becomes an increasing need for warmer clothing. A great way to give back to your community could be as easy as looking in your closet and providing warm clothing to the people that need it most! There are plenty of ways to donate clothing, and there are locations everywhere!

Make Care Packages for Homeless Shelters

Warm clothing, such as a beanie, a scarf, a pair of gloves, and hand warmers are all excellent options that can be provided to those who need them most this fall. These essentials can help to keep people warm and comfortable during the colder months, and they are also a symbol that people appreciate and care for them.

Write Cards for Patients at a Children’s Hospital

Let a child know that you are thinking about them this fall by writing them a card. In the fall, the sense of community and togetherness is amplified, it is the perfect time to reach out and let children who are battling know that they are not alone.

If you are interested in volunteering this fall, there are many options and ways you can make a difference. Wondering where to start? Look online, ask around, or visit a community center around you to learn more, and find opportunities.


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